Airbag-Test and Equipment

Airbag testing laboratory

The HuDe airbag test laboratories are equipped with the latest technology for new test standards, so that all requirements are covered by our ignition system or DAQ / Interfacer. Alone with an interface, which can now be expanded to 8 ignition channels, different test stations can be controlled separately.

The time / test / ignition and detection system is controlled by only one unit; the HuDe Interfacer, which is currently in use in more than 160 independent testing laboratories.

Airbag-Test and Equipment

Climate chambers

The automatic climate chambers of HuDe enable the storage of test specimens at temperatures of -50 ° C to + 120 ° C. The transfer of the test specimen to the upstream test position is carried out by means of an integrated shuttle transfer system, which can transport a maximum load of up to 400 kg , The transport and the following airbag test are carried out within the prescribed withdrawal time of max. 10 seconds.

Due to the small volume of the interior and the chamber door which partially closes during the test, not only energy savings but also significant fast tempering times can be achieved.

Airbag-Test and Equipment

Lighting systems

To produce contemporary and high-quality high-speed videos, we offer different lighting concepts and systems.
In addition to conventional halogen and HMI luminaires, we offer state-of-the-art LED lighting technology for use in RT / Ambiente tests as well as for testing in climate chambers.

In addition, we have a wide portfolio of ceiling mounting systems, tripod solutions and brackets for all types of luminaires.
The control and integration of all available lighting systems in our systems and systems is mandatory.

Airbag-Test and Equipment

Pretensioners test

The HuDe pretensioner testing system allows you to measure the forces on the belt as well as the path of the belt after the belt tensioner has been released. The entire testing process, from the ignition of the belt tensioner through the recording of force and displacement to the evaluation of the measurement data, is fully automated by our system.
Of course, our lighting systems and high-speed cameras can also be used here optionally.

We offer the belt tensioner test as an extension to our airbag test laboratories. However, the use as an independent system is also possible.

Airbag Test-Test and Equipment

Positioning systems

The quality of the videos and their reproducibility are the most important things in airbag testing . That’s why we have a number of products that simplify or even completely automate camera settings.
Starting with manual camera positioning systems, which provide simple and cost-effective support for setting the cameras, to the complex fully automatic solution for the exact adjustment of multiple cameras in all axes (X / Y / Z), pan and tilt and of course the lens (aperture, zoom, focus).

The positions can be taught in via a 3D controller and then stored using modern databases in the form of test configurations. The change between the test scenarios is thus a breeze and done with one click only. That, of course, with maximum reproducibility.

Airbag-Test and Equipment


As an interface between the user and our test systems, our software plays a key role.
Due to the continuous development and the continuous expansion of the functional scope, our software offers a multiplicity of interfaces to systems of third manufacturers, like e.g. almost all popular high-speed cameras, lighting systems and climate chambers.

Also the data export into different formats (for example Excel, DIAdem, ISO-MME, ASCII, JPG, AVI) exists and is always extended.

Our software takes care of all integrated components in the overall system and takes care of their coordination.
Our philosophy is: One PC and one software for everything – turn-key!

As individual as our customers and the requirements of our systems, so individual is our software.

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