Dynamic Test / Impactors

Linear Impactor System

The Linear Impactor designed by HuDe is perfectly suitable for the integration in small test facilities. Due to the flexible design, the system can be expanded by further modules at any time. You can cover test specification with different test variations like the common LIP plate impact, the guided motion modules such as head impact and ejection mitigation as well as the free motion modules like Maxilla / Double FMH and Body Block.

Dynamic Test / Impactors

Drop Tower

For direct end-of-line checks, you can choose from your production line of e.g. Instrument panel / cockpits / IP panels the corresponding products are tested and subsequently released. Batch-by-batch, the customers determine their quality as well as the reproducibility of their products without having to go through a complex airbag test.

Together with OEM suppliers, we have developed a dynamic test system, simulating the forces and energies of an airbag using special impactors.

Dynamic Test / Impactors

Crash Component Testsystem

The exceptionally compact and customer-specific Component Crash Testsystem (CCTS) simulate dynamic crash tests, which are suitable for the area of component production as well series and quality monitoring.
A-pillars, B-pillars, C-pillars, shock-absorbers and any kind of automotive component can be clamped on the intended wall and prepared for the test.

Dynamic Tests / Impactors

Black Tuffy Dummy

A major issue in the area of occupant safety is the exposure of the human body to an accident. To simulate this state, Black Tuffy Dummies simulated to the human body are utilized. At various dummy speeds and weights, investigations are carried out to simulate crash impact behavior. Our Black Tuffy Dummy complies with the ECE R12 standard and can be equipped and supplied with a wide variety of sensors on request.

Dynamic Test / Impactors


The HuDe pendulum allows different types of head impact tests according to FMVSS 201, ECE-R21 and ECE-R25 to determine the energy consumption of the components, such as instrument panel, center console and head restraints.

The pendulum can be equipped with different test specimens. In addition to our Black Tuffy Dummy you can use test specimens with the head diameter of 165 mm or a reduced mass of 6.8 kg.

Dynamic Test / Impactors

Laser measuring frame for Dummy positioning

The laser measuring rack is helpful in positioning the dummies in the test preparation.

The laser marker is positioned in the X, Y and Z axes on the dummy. The set axis values are outputed in mm on a LCD displays.

This allows a reproducible manual positioning of the dummies.

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