Railway Technology

Track measurement

The HuDe system for track measurement is a portable system for mounting on existing track vehicles. The system offers a non-contact measurement of the rail head for the precise determination of track geometry and position. The measurement can take place at a speed of up to 200 km/h.

Railway Technology


Nowadays, the resource-saving use and the maintenance and modernization of existing systems and machines is becoming more and more important. We as HuDe help here as a service provider and carry out a customer-tailored revamping of track-bound special vehicles.

In addition to electrical engineering and mechatronics, we also carry out modernization of automation technology, software and visualization.

Railway Technology

Test bench for collectors

The HuDe test rig for pantographs is used by manufacturers and users of railway systems to measure and monitor current distribution and temperature development. For this purpose, the current collector is equipped with 8 current clamps and 32 temperature sensors and powered by an adjustable current source (3000A / 6V). The specially developed control and evaluation software enables the visualization of the test situation and the acquisition and evaluation of the measured data.

Railway Technology

Surface Inspection System OIS

The surface inspection system OIS is used for final quality control in rail rolling mills. All rails produced undergo the laser-assisted measurement of the rail surface fully automatically.
Highly efficient software algorithms and state-of-the-art PC technology enable real-time analysis and evaluation. In addition to the track surface, the stamped serial numbers and characters are recognized and evaluated.

Railway Technology

Profile Measurement

The HuDe system for traceable measurement of the clearance gauge of track systems is mainly used in the underground area. The verification of compliance with the clear space is required by law to maintain safety in rail vehicles and therefore of considerable importance.

The gapless monitoring of the clearance gauge takes place via curved, overlapping rod sensors (sensors), which are held in position by means of controllable magnet units. The profile resolution is approximately 60 sensors per frame and is dependent on the respective clearance gauge.

Railway Technology

Grinding machines

HuDe grinders allow the efficient machining of rail surfaces with the aim of reducing noise and increasing driving comfort for users of mass transit systems. Our grinding machines can be combined with new or existing carrier vehicles.
In addition to slide stone grinding oscillating grinding is optionally possible. Various types of grindstone can be implemented.
The cleaning by means of a high-pressure cleaning system reduces the maintenance and the pollution of the units.

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